wisnet Explorer 96

Rick Kolstad

Rick has been involved with internet ventures and companies since the days when your ISP had to send you floppies in order to get you on-the-line. These ventures eventually developed into wisnet.com, LLC in 1996. wisnet.com has been producing great web / database driven products, offering great service, harnessing brilliant ideas, and creating a strong company culture ever since.

Rick’s education is in Mechanical Design Engineering from Michigan Tech. His real education has come from mentors, and experience of working with his team and clients.

He really enjoys finding solutions and efficiencies for challenges our customers bring to us.

In his non-wisnet.com time, Rick enjoys off-road biking, road biking, water skiing, tinkering with old cars, and convertible road trips with his family. His weakness? hot-dog stands – He had a hard time passing the roadside hot-dog stands without stopping.

Over the time Rick has been in business, he has realized the importance of family and community. wisnet.com takes pride in making sure our team spends time with their families and that they also get involved in our local community. Tourism, business, and educational growth in our great community of Fond du Lac is important to our team and our economy.

Some things you may not know about me:

  • I write with my left hand and throw with my right hand.
  • I used to think calculator watches were cool – now I know they were awesome!  (but I don’t wear watches)
  • Mosaic was my first web browser on a Mac II
  • My wife was a blind date.  It’s ok – she can see now.

Guilty pleasure: Road trips for good hot dogs, hamburgers, or ice cream.

Pet peeve: Seeing someone open their car door and smacking the car next to them.  Cars have feelings, too.

First job or most unusual job: Managing an electronic bulletin board system – TIBBS.  ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBS_software_for_the_Texas_Instruments_TI-99/4A )
– My parents were not too happy where people started calling our home phone to connect to the 300-baud modem.

Hobbies: Still plays with cars.

Leisure activities: Road and mountain biking, water skiing, road trips, mowing lawn, and spending time with the family.