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⭐ make a page ⭐

For less than $1 a day you can have
your very own Home Page on the Internet!

makeapage is your opportunity to have
a salesperson that works:
24-hours a day
7-days a week
even on holidays
with no complaints.
All for less than $1 a day.

What is makeapage.com?

makeapage.com is the easiest way to put your business on the Internet at a great price.

What does it include?

Your makeapage package will include:
a professional looking home page
one scanned photo or logo
15 min. of maintenance or change per month
16 points to highlight and promote your business
a link to your e-mail address.

For some examples of our work, please take a look at our portfolio on our Home Page located at www.wisnet.com.

What does makeapage cost?

Makeapage costs $39.95 to set up and only $29.95 per month billed on your credit card. Or you have the option of being billed for one year at $299.40. That’s a savings of $60.

How do I get my Home Page on the Internet?

It’s easy! Simply fill in the form on the following page and it will be sent to Wisconsin Networks for setup. You may also send us a copy of your logo or a picture of your business to be included on your page. A Wisconsin Networks Team Member will cont act you to verify your order and billing information. The rest is up to us. Your new Internet Home Page will be on the Internet within 48 business hours.

What will my Domain Name be?

Your Domain Name will be “www.wisnet.com/your_company” – except “your_company” will be substituted with your company’s name. You also have the option of using “www.your_company.com”. Again, “your_company” will be…. you understand. Please contact Wisc onsin Networks for details about Virtual Domains at 608-282-9090.

What other services does Wisconsin Networks provide?

For more information on Wisconsin Networks and our services, please refer to our home page www.wisnet.com.

Give it a try – it’s easy!!